Residential Maintenance

Your home is your refuge and your getaway. And it’s important to keep it that way, inside and out. That’s why it is important to bring the beauty in your landscape to its peak performance.

Many gardeners offer basic maintenance, but we can offer you a more professional plan to better manage your property. Set up a consultation and a representative will walk through the property with you and together, identify site issues, current maintenance issues, and work with you to create a plan of action.

After a consultation, a landscape crew will work to revive the landscape by performing initial trimming, tree work, cleaning, removal of debris, planting, irrigation repairs, and more. This process is important to establish what is the starting line to get to a landscape you will be happy with.

Weekly and bi-weekly maintenance starts where the landscape revival left off. Carefully planned, we perform the chosen services on a regular schedule that is working towards a better landscape.

Our maintenance regime is consistent and offers a wide array of services.

  • Lawn mowing and specialized turf care, including lawn alternatives.
  • Shrub and planter care, using proper fertilization and pruning methods
  • Young tree training and service
  • Planter, border, and flower bed care
  • Detailed property cleaning
  • Weed removal and invasive plant management programs
  • Insect and pest management service
  • Irrigation management and repair service
  • Fire prevention and open space clearing
  • Water efficient technology maintenance
  • Soil testing
  • Organic mulch, compost, and wood chip services

Pricing is based on each property and its specific needs.

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